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Common Ways To Make Your Carpet New And Stain-free Again

We human beings love to live actively, as this world has lots of beautiful and precious things to offer. Well, no doubt, being outside and roaming to other places is good for our mind and body. But the time you are traveling your carpets are becoming the home to bacteria or dirt and many stains can be spotted when you will be back. Not only that you will be able to find some wear and tear on your carpets due to the weight of your heavy furniture and daily use of carpet can make it look very dull and demotivating.

And, replacing your carpet can pump up your heart due to cost. While buying the carpet you must have thought that it will last for years. You will make most of your investment out of it by its comfort and beauty. But due to dirt or no maintenance, your carpet has been totally damaged. So, don’t worry there are some common Carpet cleaning ways by which you can make your carpet new and stain-free again and that’s what we will discuss in this article. 

Carpet New And Stain-free Again
Carpet New And Stain-free Again

How to refresh an old carpet?

There are many expert carpet cleaners available to keep or make the carpet new and stain-free. Lets’ see what are tips to do it:

  1. Get rid of indentations left by furniture: You can keep or make your carpet new and stain-free with the use of ice and a brush. You must be having heavy furniture in your home, and that furniture must be leaving dents up on your carpet which makes it look dull or old. To remove the dents or make your carpet new and stain-free, you need to grab a cube of ice from your freezer and place it on top of the dent or leave it melting, then you need to scrub the pile very gently with a brush.
  2. Clean your carpet with baking soda and vinegar: You can use baking soda or vinegar to keep the carpet new and stain-free. This is a very old Carpet cleaning trick. It works very well and it also revives the pile of your carpet. Now, what do you need to do? You need to spread baking soda on your carpet and rub it with a brush. After that, leave it for the whole night, it will absorb all the bad odor and also eliminate bacteria. Then, next day just vacuum it, after that use vinegar solution. It will make your carpet new and stain-free like before when you have bought it. 


So, these are some of the ways to keep your carpets new and stain-free. These Carpet cleaning tips work very well, you can rely on these tips. If you think that you won’t be able to clean carpets on your own, then, you can hire Carpet cleaning in Richmond. The professional carpet cleaners use some special cleaning solutions. These are industrial grade and are effective in carpet cleaning with no damage. They are certified professionals in their field. So, hiring them will be the best for your carpets. They know how to tackle tough stains or other carpet problems.